The Tumbleweeds Film & Media Education Program is a cooperative initiative between Utah Film Center and SHIFT. The program introduces students and teachers to the power of film as a teaching resource and improves children’s media literacy through film screenings, discussions, workshops, and classroom lessons that will increase both comprehension and critical thinking skills while supporting core curriculum requirements
for arts education. Funding for the Tumbleweeds Film and Media Education initiative is generously provided by the POPS (Professional Outreach Program in the Schools).

Behind the Animation—Sessions for Students
Behind The Animation introduces 5th through 8th grade students to animation—one of the most accessible, yet challenging filmmaking techniques available to storytellers—by
exploring different types of animation through the eyes of a filmmaker.

Two opportunities are available, each designed to inspire creativity and educate students about the challenges in creating animated films.

This program includes a curated selection of short films highlighting a variety of different animation styles. During the presentation, a guest animator leads students on an exploration of the creative process with specific attention paid to storytellin

To register or for more information contact Utah Film Center Education Team, Mariah Mellus / or Leslie Means /, the collaborative aspect of filmmaking, and the need for clear communication in order to create a successful film. Field trip or 90-minute off-site sessions also available on request.

Filmmaking in the Classroom—Workshops for Teachers
The Filmmaking in the Classroom workshops are two-day fully funded intensive workshops for educators & community youth leaders grades 4-12 interested in incorporating filmmaking & storytelling into instructional content. These hands-on professional development experiences provide 16 hours of in-depth direct instruction to teachers, providing them with an instructional skill set and media rich lesson plans to facilitate the production of content linked documentaries, public service announcements, instructional videos, and personal narratives. Incentives include USOE professional development credit, Utah Literacy Core Standards-linked SHIFT curriculum guide, and membership in the SHIFT professional learning community.

/// JUNE 23 & 24 – 2015 (Daily from 8:30 am-5 pm) Salt Lake City, Utah
/// LOCATION: Salt Lake Community College (SLCC) South Campus (1575 S. State Street)
To register / more info contact SHIFT Program Director Suzi Montgomery /

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