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Written + Directed by Jonathan Lisecki
89 min | 2012 | USA | Not Rated

This film unfolds like a kooky midlife crisis sitcom with its dealings of grownup issues and stereotypes in gay/straight cultures and Brooklyn. (Don’t be scared, the film is never less than likable). Gayby tackles the bramble of complications that arise when a thirty-something straight woman decides to cash in on a drunken college pact and get pregnant ‘the old fashioned way’ with her gay male best friend. Actual intercourse is needless to say, awkward. They wind up having to take a somewhat more indirect approach with a little help from Nelson, a blithely bitchy wisecracker played by the scene-stealing Lisecki.

Cleverly written and sharply acted, Lisecki deftly handles broad comedy with warm-and-fuzzy sentiment and refreshingly ‘indie’ independent film making. – Levi Elder

Principal Cast: Jenn Harris, Matthew Wilkas, Jonathan Lisecki, Jack Ferver

Official Selection: SXSW

Winner: Audience Award for Narrative Feature + Jury Award for Best Acting Ensemble – Asland Film Festival; Special Jury Prize – Independent Film Festival Boston

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