The Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts, and Parks Program—one of the Utah Film Center’s leading supporters—enables the Utah Film Center to exhibit independent, documentary, and dramatic film that otherwise would not be seen, free of charge to all Salt Lake County residents.

ZAP is up for renewal every ten years, and will be on this November 4th’s ballot labeled as County Proposal #1. We, at the Utah Film Center, encourage you to vote FOR proposal #1 to ensure that we can keep doing the work we do along with the additional 160+ arts, cultural, and zoological organizations that also receive ZAP funding. In 2012/2013 over 6.9 million people benefited from an arts or cultural activity, event, or performance, offered by a ZAP recipient—were you one of those people? Can you imagine Salt Lake County without the Film Center, without our parks, trails, and recreation centers, with less music, and art?

We don’t like envisioning a less vibrant Salt Lake County, which is why we suggest we keep a good thing going and #RenewZAP (Proposal #1) on November 4. VOTE FOR PROPOSAL #1!

To learn more about the Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts, and Parks Program please click here.

To learn more about the Renew ZAP initiative please click here.

Follow ZAP on Facebook and twitter to show you support the arts, culture, and zoological organizations in Salt Lake County.

Follow Renew ZAP on Facebook, twitter, and instagram to show your support for ZAP renewal this November. Since 1997 the public has overwhelmingly voted in support of the ZAP program. County residents renew this initiative every ten years.

And please join us for ZAP Appreciation Day at the Zoo on Wednesday, October 1, 10 am-4 pm!


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