Media Education: Stuart Baggaley’s Grab & Go Bags

We can’t get enough of Stuart Baggaley: a 6th-grade teacher from Edith Bowen Laboratory School. Some of you might recall us mentioning his master’s thesis on our SHIFT Filmmaking in the Classroom.

We ran into him last week at the UCET teacher conference, where he was giving a presentation on making DIY Field Experience Grab & Go Bags so teachers and students can be ready to make films on the fly! If you missed it at UCET, it is awesome and on his website


And while we are on the Stu-B train, here is a short film his sixth graders put together (bloopers and all) about flight after seeing the film, The Eagle Huntress, at our Tumbleweeds Festival Field Trips earlier this month. All the footage was taken as they explored the Leonardo Flight exhibit.

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