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THE NEW CORPORATION: The Unfortunately Necessary Sequel

Directed by: Joel Bakan & Jennifer Abbott

Runtime: 106 min

Year: 2020

Country: Canada

Rated: Not Rated

Language: English

Film Type: Documentary

The New Corporation: the Unfortunately Necessary Sequel reveals how the corporate takeover of society is being justified by the sly rebranding of corporations as socially conscious entities. From gatherings of corporate elites in Davos to climate change and spiraling inequality; the rise of ultra-right leaders to COVID-19, and racial injustice, the film looks at corporations’ devastating power. Countering this is a groundswell of resistance worldwide as people take to the streets in pursuit of justice and the planet’s future.

In the face of spiraling inequality, climate change, and the hollowing out of democracy, The New Corporation is a cry for social justice, deeper democracy, and transformative solutions.

Official Selection:

2020 Toronto International Film Festival
2020 AFI Fest

Tuesday, May 4 @ 7:00 PM

Live Stream

Available to view from May 4 through May 10 or until all tickets are reserved.


Restrictions: Available to view in the Intermountain West

ADA accommodations are available. If you have additional needs, please visit our Accessibility page to connect with an ADA coordinator.

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