SUCH GOOD PEOPLE @ 2014 Damn These Heels Film Festival | July 11-13


Directed by Stewart Wade
95 min | 2014 | USA | Not Rated

Richard and Alex are out for a drive and spot their dream home. After crashing a party to get a look inside the house, they soon find themselves house-sitting for the homeowners, Jake and Chloe, who are leaving to do missionary work with orphaned children in Bhutan. While house-sitting, Richard and Alex discover a secret room filled with cash that they aren’t sure what to do with. Things get even more complicated when they learn that Jake and Chloe have been killed in a freak accident.

Now that Richard and Alex have the cash, they decide to buy their dream home, only to find that they aren’t the only ones interested in the house. Suddenly the couple are embroiled in a mystery, the focus of a police investigation, and the object of some extreme sibling rivalry.
Featuring a terrific cast, Such Good People is an old-fashioned screwball comedy about greed and jealousy that is sure to entertain.

Official Selection: 2014 Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, 2014 FilmOut San Diego LGBT Film Festival, 2014 Adelaide Queen Culture and Film Festival

Date Theatre Buy Tickets
Saturday, July 12 Jeanné Wagner inside the Rose Wagner 10:00 am
Sunday, July 13 Jeanné Wagner inside the Rose Wagner 2:00 pm

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