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Film Curation and Screening Services

Gather your crew to watch a film together!

Hosting a movie night powered by Utah Film Center is a creative way to help you to build and rally your community in person or online through film.


Ready to book your screening?

Use the Cinematic Experience to...

inspire, enlighten, and entertain through stories shared on the big (or small) screen

unite your team through film

elevate your mission and message

dive deep into meaningful discussions 

How does the program work? 

Our film services and rentals program is like a custom film screening in a box! You can pick the content, topic of conversation, and/or discussion participants, and we’ll help produce your film event with  resources and technical expertise from our 20 years of experience curating and exhibiting films.

It’s perfect for community organizations and businesses who want to host a watch party or movie night, but need help with equipment, film licensing, or production.

Film services are available individually or as packages for a range of budgets. Whether your event is online, indoors, or outdoors, we have solutions from $250 for virtual streaming options, all the way to a $2000 night under the stars with an outdoor film and inflatable screen.


Pick the topic of conversation, and we help you find good films and acquire the rights to screen them. 


Tap into our production services, venue management, screens, equipment, technology, and 20 years of film expertise to help you to host a successful event. 

Need more info about hosting your own Movie Night?

Where do I start with choosing a film?

Here are some topics to spark your imagination.

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