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Media Education for Educators, Families & Utah Communities

Utah Film Center’s Media Education programs bring arts education into the classroom by introducing teachers and students to the transformational power of film. Our programs demonstrate how media education is beneficial for students, by helping them improve their media literacy skills, increasing their engagement, and building their critical thinking abilities. The free film screenings, workshops, professional development, field trips, and lessons we offer help students achieve these goals while supporting the core curriculum requirements for arts education. 

The Media Education department also provides family programming activities, workshops, discussions, and events for families and community organizations. 

Programs Offered

Teacher Professional Development

Our FREE teacher professional development program offers a high-quality curriculum and professional development for educators to integrate filmmaking into the classroom.

Tumbleweeds Field Trips

Tumbleweeds is a film festival experience with films from all over the world and workshops for kids to enjoy. Teachers can also request Tumbleweeds films for FREE in their classroom.

Free Films for Teachers

Our library of films and short films are available to stream in the classroom for FREE along with study guides to enhance student learning, exploration, communication, and creativity.

Free Classroom Workshops

Our FREE classroom workshops offer an opportunity to have a professional in the filmmaking industry teach students about what goes on behind the scenes in their profession, helping students become informed viewers and critical thinkers.

Media Education Community Partnerships

The Media Education Department partners with the following organizations in the state to support educators, students, families, and communities. If you are a community organization that wants to partner with the Media Education department, please contact us at .

Current Utah Film Center Media Education Partnerships

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Utah Film Center Media Education programs are supported by POPS

About POPS
POPS (Professional Outreach Programs in the Schools) is an educational outreach program in the fine arts that provides a mechanism for Utah’s professional art organizations to assist in teaching the Utah’s fine art core curriculum in the public schools. Professional organizations match state revenues to support and enhance the delivery of art education through demonstrations, performances, presentations, and educational activities in the schools. The program ensures that each of the 41 school districts have the opportunity to receive services in a balanced and comprehensive manner over three years.

Utah Film Center POPS 2019-20 Final Annual Report

For more information contact Utah Film Center’s Media Education team at edu@utahfilmcenter.org

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