amanda madden

Amanda Madden

Artist Foundry Manager

Amanda Madden is a filmmaker, editor, director, artist, educator, facilitator, and space holder with 15 years of experience in documentary, narrative, and experimental film, education, and community building. As an editor, they have worked with clients including MTV, Refinery29, Nickelodeon, Food Network, Condé Nast, NBC Universal, on multiple short narrative, documentary, and experimental films, and as a primary editor on the feature documentary, Roleplay. Their award-winning directing work includes short narrative films, the TV pilot, Mercy Mistress, and experimental documentary projects and has been exhibited internationally. Their artistic approach explores evolutions of intimacy, identity, body, and connection by utilizing practices of performance, embodiment, multiplicity, experimentation, and magic in the processes, stories, and experiences they choose to steward.

In addition to their own filmmaking practice, they are the facilitator of a series of virtual workshops focused on creative practice as a tool for introspection and connection called Reflection Collective. As a facilitator, their vision is to create space and impetus for other artists to engage in thoughtful, intentional, and creative risk-taking and reflection with a lens toward challenging the ways oppressive systems manifest and collectively using art to imagine and catalyze new futures. You can learn more about Amanda at amandacmadden.com.

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