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Directed by: Various

Year: 2021

Country: USA

Rated: Not Rated

Language: English

Labeled Fest is a series of ideas and advocacy events focusing on ending the stigma in mental health, disability, developmental, recovery, and other marginalized issues through films, ideas and interactions. http://labeledfest.org/

Join us in celebration of Recovery Month this September for ‘Reel’izing Recovery in partnership with USARA (Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness) https://www.myusara.com/

The event is virtual and free for all to attend. Presented with Mental Healthy Utah.

We’ll be featuring a series of short films followed by an interactive discussion offering tips and resources on all things recovery in Utah.


Hungry Ghosts – Frank Duffy desperately searches for his wife who has relapsed on heroin and disappeared. As Frank’s obsession drives him closer to the edge, he is forced to confront his own demons or die with hers. Set in the drug-infested badlands of Philadelphia, “Hungry Ghosts” shines a light on the city’s opioid crisis while exploring a family torn apart by addiction.

Spirits – After watching his son get addicted to the product that built his fortune, a bourbon distiller must confront the ghosts of his past in order to love again.

Anything Helps – A suicide note is dropped by its author, left to the homeless man who picks it up. The man reads the pessimistic message and crosses out the word “never” in the note’s concluding phrase, “It will never get better.” This letter, now carrying the message that “It will get better,” travels through the city on a journey of inspiration.

G-RIDE: The Mike Griffith Story – Mike “G-Ride” is a staple in the Chico community. Raised in San Jose, Mike faced many hardships early in life. Homeless at 19 years old, addicted to drugs and hiding from everybody, he managed to find his passion and change the community around him. G-Ride is an inspiring story of achievement, tenacity, and true grit. Mike, a little dog (Lil’ G), and his pedicab bring new life and inspiration to a community.

Tuesday, September 28 @ 7:00 PM

Live Stream

Available September 28 - October 4


Restrictions: USA

ADA accommodations are available. If you have additional needs, please visit our Accessibility page to connect with an ADA coordinator.

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