Seven of Daran movie still

SEVEN OF DARAN: The Battle of Pareo Rock

Seven of Daran movie still
Saturday, June 16 @ 2:00 PM | Dansante Building – Logan

Directed by Lourens Blok
86 min | 2008 | The Netherlands

Join unlikely friend Jimmy and Charita as they race through South African landscape to prevent an impending battle between two rival tribes in this exciting and moving adventure. Making his way through a busy market, 11-year-old Jimmy, a wealthy boy, accidentally bumps into Charita, a girl his age who lives on the streets, only to discover that she has stolen his wallet. The ensuing chase comes to an abrupt halt when both of them becom mesmerized by an unusual animal – a white giraffe that can talk. the giraffe urges Jimmy to free it, and with Charita’s help, he springs the animal from its cage. Now free, the giraffe reveals that it is Seraf, a mystivl creature that protects Africa, and tells Jimmy to travel to Pareo Rock and use his voice to stop a potentially deadly battle. Enlisting Charita to join him, Jimmy sets out to reach the sacred rock before it is too late, all the while remembering Seraf’s advice that only when people truly belive in themselves can they achieve their goal.

Highlighted by panoramic cinematography, this film explores cooperation, self-belief and the adverse consequences of greed and reminds us about the importance of allowing young people’s voice to be heard.

Winner, Young People’s Jury Award – 2009 Sprockets Film Festival for Children / Official Selection – 2009 Cairo International Film festival for Children / Official Selection – 2008 Nederlands Film Festival

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