Saturday, July 7 @ 11:00 AM | The City Library (210 E 400 S) – Salt Lake City

Directed by Thomas Bodenstein + Mike Maurus
Germany | 2008 | 69 min.
Recommended for children 4 + up

When Mr. Moon falls from the night sky, it’s up to Moonbeam Bear and his friends to send him back home in this delightful and enchanting animated film that is ideal for younger viewers.

Moonbeam Bear, who loves watching the moon more than anything, is surprised and excited to find Mr. Moon, who has fallen from the sky into the forest. Delighted to finally meet him, Moonbeam Bear brings Mr. Moon home for homemade honey cakes and a game of checkers. But the other forest animals want the moon to go back to the sky so their forest home can be illuminated at night. Even Rabbit, who can see in the dark, wants to help. While figuring out a plan, the friends discover another problem – the moon has fallen asleep and stopped glowing! Together the animals set out to awaken Mr. Moon with a sweet song and return him to the night sky. their adventures along the way take them to places they never imagined.

Beautifully animated in storybook style and highlighting the importance of cooperation and helping others, MOONBEAM BEAR AND HIS FRIENDS features fun characters and a clever story that will charm viewers of all ages.

Official Selection – 2009 Seattle International Film Festival

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