Saturday, July 14 @ 5:00 PM | Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center – 138 W. Broadway (300 South)

Written + Directed by Campbell Ex
2012 | UK | 93 min. | Not Rated

Stud Life is sorta kinda like if Guy Ritchie directed Will and Grace and set it London’s queer street life. The urban and gritty backdrop is one of the most fascinating aspects of the film, along with very engaging characters.

JJ is a black lesbian who works with her best friend Seb, a young, cute gay man, photographing non-traditional weddings in London. They work and play hard together while dodging bullies and pursuing drug fixes. They both are attracted to people who, like themselves, lead unconventional lives and who just may or may not turn out to be the perfect lovers.

In between JJ’s hot dates with new femme girlfriend Elle, whose career is the most complicated of all, she goes on picnics with her mates who then go cruising in the trees. They go to clubs in which there is no discernible dominant race or type, and during a quiet night dining at home, Seb might as well pop online and have a quickie with Manchester Joe.

Throughout light and dark situations, all of these characters own their own lives and always are true to themselves and their friends. Stud Life will make most of us realize that our own lives are far from blog-worthy. – Marcie Collett

Principal Cast: T’Nia Miller, Kyle Treslove, Robyn Kerr

Official Selection: BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

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