Saturday, July 14 @ 10:30 AM | Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center – 138 W. Broadway (300 South)

Directed by Chris Arnold
92 MIN | 2012 | USA | Not Rated

In this touching and intimate documentary, emotional torment and empowerment unfolds as individuals, family and friends reveal their personal stories about their struggles of finding acceptance. Trans chronicles these men and women who are willing to risk everything in order to stay true to themselves.

Filmmaker Chris Arnold was inspired by the story of former Navy surgeon Lt. Commander Christopher McGinn, who after being discharged from the military, followed his dreams. McGinn shares openly in the film about fraternity life, being married in the military, post divorce dating, and the dream of having a family. Common stories made more complex by her new identity, Dr. Christine McGinn, a leading transgender surgeon and advocate.

Seven-year-old Danann plays with princess dolls and wears cute dresses while at home, but struggles with having to be a boy when she goes to school. Born a male, she and her parents face a complex journey as she fights to live her life while being honest to herself. Danann embraced her feelings early in her life and has the family support some can only wish for. While others like Pam and Erica, two men in their 50s, who never met before the film, have recently decided to face family struggles and go public with what they have known for years while committing to undergoing transgender surgery.

We hear theses stories, and the stories of other individuals who battle inner and outer demons, and learn of the tragedy of not being able to accept oneself. Trans will touch your heart and open your mind as it takes you into the world of one of the most misunderstood and mistreated minorities in the world. – Josh Levey

Winner: Best Documentary – Torino GLBT Film Festival

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