TOM AT THE FARM @ 2014 Damn These Heels Film Festival | July 11-13

Tom à la ferme
Directed by Xavier Dolan
102 min | 2013 | Canada/France | Not Rated
Presented in French with English subtitles.
This is the story of Tom. In the midst of grief and depression, he travels to the country for the funeral of his lover, Guillaume. When he arrives, he discovers that nobody knows about his relationship with the deceased or even who he is. Guillaume’s mother, Agathe, is blind to her son’s sexuality and lives believing a cover story about a girlfriend in Montreal.

Francis, Guillaume’s handsome and volatile older brother, also lives on the farm, and events take a dark turn when Francis violently threatens Tom if the truth gets out. Tom decides to stay at the farm, accepting Francis’s bullying and forging an increasingly bizarre relationship with his tormentor that ranges from regular beatings to impromptu tango sessions in the barn.
At 25 years old, writer/director Xavier Dolan, who also plays Tom in the film, is already a prolific and accomplished filmmaker. This film, his first attempt into suspense and menace, is as much exhilarating as it is unsettling. Described as “queer noir,” Tom at the Farm takes the viewer on a tightrope walk that teeters masterfully between eroticism and the possibility of violence.

Winner: FIPRESCI Prize–2013 Venice Film Festival, People’s Choice Award–2014 Istanbul International Film Festival; Official Selection: 2013 Venice Film Festival, 2013 Toronto International Film Festival

Date Theatre Buy Tickets
Saturday, July 12 Jeanné Wagner inside the Rose Wagner 9:30 pm
Sunday, July 13 Black Box inside the Rose Wagner 4:45 pm

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