YOU AND THE NIGHT @ 2014 Damn These Heels Film Festival | July 11-13

Les rencontres d’après minuit
Directed by Yann Gonzalez
98 min | 2013 | France | Not Rated
Presented in French with English subtitles.
In an all-but-abandoned tower in the middle of a snowy forest, we meet our hosts for the evening: a sad young woman, a one-eyed young man, and their horny transvestite maid. They are preparing for an orgy. With anticipation and trepidation, they await the arrival of their guests: the Slut, the Stud, the Teen, and the Star. What ensues is a surreal journey through voyeurism, participation, and finally complicity.

Much like what happens in John Hughes’s The Breakfast Club, the guests’ private lives (and private parts) emerge via bawdy flashbacks and naughty monologues. You and the Night is dark and outrageous, yet sensuous, and surprisingly poetic.

Director Yann Gonzalez’s bright and thumping visual style combines with a suggestive and dreamlike score by French electro group M83 to make this one party you won’t want to miss!

Be advised: This film contains scenes of explicit sex and nudity.

Winner: Best Picture—2013 Athens International Film Festival, Best Picture—2013 Milan Film Festival; Official Selection: 2013 Cannes Film Festival, 2014 International Film Festival Rotterdam