Love UT Give UT

Did you know that on March 26th YOU have the power to shape the Utah Film Center’s future in a single day by participating in LOVE UTAH GIVE UTAH? #LUGU

On Thursday, March 26th the Community Foundation of Utah is hosting a statewide day of giving, which makes sense knowing Utah is the nation’s most charitable state. We encourage YOU to keep the momentum alive by showing your support for community organizations that make our state a better place to live. #givewhereyoulive

If you love the Utah Film Center and all we do, please support us with a minimum donation of $10, by sharing this blog post, and/or any of our other social media posts leading up to March 26th. With your help we can ensure that our independent, documentary, and dramatic film screenings remain free and open to the public STATEWIDE! We know film has the power to open minds, inspire, and entertain, so if you share our passion for quality storytelling and would like to support our initiatives to share this passion throughout Utah please support us today! To simplify this process, schedule your donation for March 26th now by clicking here. #utahfilmcenter

When you do give we’d love to hear from you! Share your thoughts or a picture with us letting us know why you love the Utah Film Center on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and tag @utahfilmcenter! Also, stay tuned for more information regarding LUGU and a special event we are planning to celebrate this special day and all of our faithful supporters.

Together we can make UTAH a more enriching and vibrant state!

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