November’s Film Screenings: The Moment Everything Changes

Inside every good story is the thing that makes it remarkable or unique: the moment when we blink, squint, gasp, or laugh and begin to look at the subject in an entirely different way. We may be familiar with our changing climate or the tantalizing idea of setting foot on Mars; but in Chasing Coral (Nov 14 at The City Library) we see the alarming and far-reaching effects of climate change on our Coral Reef ecosystems, and The Mars Generation (Nov 4 at The City Library, Nov 6 at The County Library’s Viridian Event Center, and Nov 11 at Orem Public Library) uses space exploration to show the potential our youth have to exceed our greatest expectations.

Our Through The Lens selection this month, California Typewriter (Nov 21 at The City Library), tells the thought-provoking story of those loyal to a fading technology, but what’s truly remarkable is how their actions reflect on our digital, hyper-connected age. In the Road Forward (Nov 28 at The City Library) we see the story of the struggle for indigenous rights and recognition, and the unexpected role music played in one community’s fight for equality.

We strive to choose films that connect us through diverse voices and genuine stories. Often these stories can surprise and awaken us, and with impactful moments like these, the way we see the world may fundamentally change.

Our year-round film screenings are free and open to the public. No ticket or RSVP is required. Click here for information about our screening policies.

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