Weekend Watchlist: LADY VALOR for #TransWeek

In celebration of #TransWeek on November 14-20, we take a look back at this memorable post-film Q&A with Lady Valor subject Kristin Beck following a screening of the film presented at Utah Film Center’s 11th annual Damn These Heels LGBTQ Film Festival on July 12, 2014. Now more than ever, it’s important to continue sharing trans* stories and further the dialogue around trans* issues. If you’re looking for a film to add to your weekend queue, then look no further to the highly inspiring and powerful Lady Valor. Scroll down to watch the trailer and find out where you can watch it online.


Directed by Sandrine Orabono, Mark Herzog
90 min | 2014 | USA | Not Rated

Kristin served for over 20 years as a member of the elite special forces Navy SEALs on SEAL Team 1 as well as the United States Special Warfare Development Group – what many in the public refer to as SEAL Team 6. She retired in 2011 with the rank of Senior Chief and continued high-level clearance work for the United States government and the Pentagon. But Kristin hid her true identity throughout and after her service knowing she would lose it all if anyone were to know her secret. In 2013, a year and a half after retirement, Kristin came out publicly first on LinkedIn and on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 soon thereafter. Many friends, colleagues and family were taken by surprise.


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