Supporter Reception at Dented Brick Distillery

Utah Film Center recently joined again with Dented Brick Distillery, the official distillery of Damn These Heels 2019, to host a small Supporter Celebration at their facility. See the photos here.

As a grain-to-glass distillery, Dented Brick controls the full craft distilling process from using local grains to distilling with water sourced from their own on-site artesian wells. Dented Brick was a natural partner for Utah Film Center from their founding.

 “Let’s build a world class distillery in Salt Lake City…we may not make a dime, but at least we’ll be pursuing our passions and drinking the finest hand-crafted spirits we could make with our own two hands. And if we do make some money, we can use the profits to influence our community by supporting non-profit organizations that have goals in line with our own.” – Marc Chrisensen, Dented Brick founder and CEO

Having the opportunity to connect with a few members of our Film Center family while enjoying one of our sponsor’s delicious craft libations made for a memorable night. Want to try the night’s signature cocktail crafted by local bartender Skyler Bush? We got the recipe!


1.5oz Dented Brick Great Basin Bristlecone Gin

.5oz Gunpowder green tea simple syrup 

.5oz lime juice

.5oz orgeat

Shaken on ice

To learn more about Utah’s distilling history, sample a flight of spirits, tour the distillery, or even adopt a barrel of whiskey, visit

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