Utah Film Center’s 2023 Tumbleweeds Film Festival: A Whirlwind of Fun and Films for Kids

As the curtains close on the vibrant Tumbleweeds Film Festival For Kids, we’re thrilled to recount the tales of imagination and inspiration that unfolded at Viridian Event Center the weekend of April 22nd, 2023. This year’s festival was a cinematic carousel, showcasing the riveting stories of youthful pioneers and societal contributors who’ve etched their narratives into film history.

Our young attendees embarked on swashbuckling adventures, delved into the lineage of dragons, and rode the waves towards self-discovery, each film a window to exhilarating worlds. The festival was more than just a viewing experience; it was an interactive odyssey.

The drone races were a high-flying highlight, as we teamed up with the mavens from Override Films to zip through the skies. Aspiring filmmakers were treated to invaluable insights on carving a niche in the film industry, courtesy of the creative minds behind the cult classic ‘Napoleon Dynamite.’ The magic of storytelling was also brought to life in a presentation where dreams were transformed into television scripts, guided by the star-studded expertise of the Harmon Brothers.

Our workshops were a treasure trove of knowledge, where families learned the crafts of podcasting, video and video game production, and the mesmerizing art of special effects with prosthetic makeup. They created stereoscopic films in virtual reality, conjured stop motion animations, penned screenplays, and explored the enchanting domain of illusionary makeup.

The Clubhouse buzzed with free activities, becoming a hub of creativity and community engagement. The Great Salt Lake Collaborative sparked curiosity, Xochitl Creations brought Mexican crafts to vibrant life, and UEN amplified the fun with games and prizes. The festival’s joy was immortalized at our coloring station, positioned beside the family photo and caricature drawing booths, where smiles were as plentiful as the popcorn.

As we bid farewell to this year’s festival, we do so with hearts full of joy and minds buzzing with the electricity of the silver screen. We extend a standing ovation to all the dreamers who joined us—here’s to the stories that will continue to inspire us until the next grand rendezvous at Tumbleweeds 2024!

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