Directed by: Various

Runtime: 86 min

Year: Various

Country: Various

Rated: Not Rated

Language: English

Film Type: Short Film Program


This year’s drama shorts program highlights valuable and interesting stories of queer characters from all over the rainbow. These shorts will take you on a journey into the character’s world and humanize their experiences to those around them. Some will leave you questioning your own reality and others will give you a concise perspective of the experiences of people beyond the traditional spectrum.

Two Questions (6 min)
Director: Zachary Clarence, 2019.
Two questions to help prevent sexual assault.
TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual assault

Sunday (10 min)
Director: Arun Fulara, 2019.
When the middle-aged Kamble makes his weekly visit to the neighbourhood barber shop, it’s not just for a shave — he can’t wait to be touched by Jaan, the new barber-boy he has a crush on.

Salty Plastic (20 min)
Director: Summer Florence, 2019.
A young woman that spent her entire life pleasing others and conforming to her religion, but after an awakening experience, she jumps off the deep end and strives to find her own happiness and truth.

Dreaming Like Louis (19 min)
Director: Valentin Merz Tanören, 2020.
Louis and Paul are on holiday in the depths of the countryside, but the couple is in crisis. Louis feels rejected, while Paul becomes distant. Louis takes refuge in his dreams, which shift between fantasy and a dark reality.
TRIGGER WARNING: Slight violence and some gore

Starboy (17 min)
Director: Joëlle Bentolila, 2019.
A mystical young Hasidic man increasingly doubts his identity, his gender, and the nature of being as conflict between him and his pious young wife escalates with shocking consequences.

Buck (14 min)
Director: Elegance Bratton & Jovan James, 2019.
Caught in the throes of a depressive fugue, young Lynn resorts to debauchery to find joy — only to discover that happiness is a much more complicated proposition.
TRIGGER WARNING: Depression, Drugs

This film was presented as part of the 2020 Damn These Heels Queer Film Festival.

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Format: Streaming

Restrictions: Available only in the US

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