REEL LIFE – Call for Submissions

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Call for Submissions

The COVID-19 shutdown has caused us to see and experience the world differently. We want to see what you are finding life to be like during this time. You have had to try new things, find new meaning, and learn in new ways. What is your view? What have you experienced? Give us 30-60 seconds of “day in the life” of your new school set up in quarantine.

This video gallery is made up of videos made by students K-12 and teachers across Utah who are home during the COVID-19 crisis. Film can help us feel less alone and isolated at this time. Watch others’ films and share yours: we see you.

1. Choose a prompt below and read the helpful tips.
2. Make a 30-60 second video about one of the prompts.
3. Host your video on YouTube and submit it here.


Things to Think About as You Make Your Video

You don’t have to catch the bus or fight for a parking space. You don’t have to carry a backpack around, or even get dressed up if you don’t want to, you don’t have to sit through class periods and wait for bells. You don’t have to walk through halls to transition to each new part of your school day. No one is telling you to stop using your phone, in fact, more than ever we are using our devices to stay connected. While you are doing many things differently or not at all, we want to know what you ARE doing.

You get to be as creative as possible in filming this! Make it your own style.
  • Recording: Use a phone, a computer or laptop, a tablet, a camera, or whatever you’ve got that records.
  • Setting: Think about your setting as you film it. What are we seeing in the background? Can we see the details of your life and home? Shoot this footage in places that matter to your story–show us your world.
  • Hold still: Make sure to hold your camera still as you move around or record so it doesn’t make your audience motion sick. Consider using a tripod or even propping the camera up on a counter or bookshelf.
  • Lighting: Pay attention to the lights in the room or outside. Be sure we can see you and the setting.
  • Sound: What are we hearing in the background? Can we hear your voice? Can we hear others? Be sure we can understand and hear all the comments you want us to hear. Do a sound check before you do your final take!
  • HAVE FUN! Nothing has to be perfect!

These times and days can be discouraging and different than we may want. The isolation can be strange and hard. If you could create a pep talk to cheer up yourself, your classmates, and/or your teachers, what would you say? Write down your pep talk, think about props you can use to make your point(s), and set up your phone or camera to shoot a short video of you sharing some hope with someone who needs it.


What are you noticing that you didn’t before? What do you have time for now? What are you learning that you have not had time to learn or practice? When is it hard to motivate yourself? What do you miss? What has brought you excitement and joy? What hope have you found in this time?


We want you to capture snippets of life in your quarantine – what does your “classroom” look like now? What have you done to stay connected to your classmates and teachers? What does your desk look like now? Your playground? Your cafeteria? Show us your homework and how you have shared messages with your teachers and classmates. Share with us the things that have brightened your day and how you have found connection in this new world we are in right now.

Inspiring Example
This is a great example of a Pep Talk made by Kid President.

Watch this first and then create your own version of a pep talk for a classmate, your entire class, your teachers, and whoever may need it right now!

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