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Directed by: Ralf Kukula & Matthias Bruhn

Runtime: 86

Year: 2019

Country: Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic

Rated: Not Rated

Recommended for Ages: 8+

Language: English

Film Type: Dramatic

FRITZI: A Revolutionary Tale

(Original title: Fritzi – eine Wendewundergeschichte)

East Germany, 1989. Summertime. No one knows the Iron Curtain is about to fall. When twelve-year-old Fritzi’s best friend Sophie goes on vacation to Hungary with her family, she leaves her little dog Sputnik with her. Fritzi lovingly takes care of Sputnik, who misses Sophie a lot. When school starts again in the fall, however, Sophie doesn’t come back. Fritzi has to face up to the fact Sophie’s mother has stayed in Hungary with her daughter, like so many other East Germans hoping to reach the West from there.

By chance, Fritzi stumbles into a demonstration. She sees the people around her risking arrest, committed to changing their country for the better. Inspired, Fritzi now knows exactly what to do: She has to help Sputnik find Sophie – no matter what! She got a postcard from Sophie from West-Germany, so she has a lead. With the help of her classmate Bela, she tries to follow Sputnik across the heavily-guarded border on her own.

Historically accurate, authentic, and with lots of rich period detail and atmosphere, this moving animated film for the whole family retells the story of the peaceful revolution of 1989 from a child’s perspective. An entertaining and exciting tale of the Fall of the Wall, and of the people who were brave enough to change the world, which will make a lasting impression, not only on young viewers.


Best Children Feature Film–German Film Critics Award 2020
Best Children Feature Film La Matatena 2020 (Mexico)
CIFEJ Award & Young Jury Award for the Best Film–Intl. Festival of Films for Children and Young Adults Isfahan (ICFF) 2020 (Iran)

ECFA - European Children's Film Association: Nominated as Best European Feature Film for Children and Youth in 2020
KINOLINO Children's FF Dresden (Germany) 2019: The Golden Luce Award (Goldener Hecht)
Filem'on Festival Brussels (Belgium) 2019: Animation Award
Juniorfest Czech Republic 2019: Best Animated Feature Film in children category
BIKY Busan Kids FF (Korea): Finding Myself Award
7th Kids Kino International Film Festival (Poland): European Children's Film Association Fern Flower Award

Monday, March 1, 2021Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Format: Streaming

Restrictions: Available for viewing in the USA

Cost: $ 3.99
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