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Nine Days

Directed by Edson Oda

124 MIN


United States

Rating: R

Content warning: Strong language, some violent images (including bullying and suicide), some violent dialogue.

Language: English

Will (Winston Duke) spends his days in a remote outpost watching the live point of view on TVs of people going about their lives, until one subject perishes, leaving a vacancy for a new life on earth. Soon, several candidates – unborn souls – arrive at Will’s to undergo tests determining their fitness, facing oblivion when they are deemed unsuitable. But Will soon faces his own existential challenge in the form of free-spirited Emma (Zazie Beetz), a candidate who is not like the others, forcing him to turn within and reckon with his own tumultuous past. Fueled by unexpected power, he discovers a bold new path forward in his own life.

Preceded by the locally produced and locally made short film AURA by the Also Sisters

Standing at the verge of her own execution, an almost defeated Earth witnesses how the actions of her inhabitants continue to shorten her lifespan. Determined to give Earth a voice to express, loud and clear, her suffering, this film creatively adapts the writings of renowned poet Rosalía De Castro in combination with the sonification of pollution data and a musical composition inspired by it.

This film is part of the Utah Division of State History and the Department of Cultural and Community Engagement’s Civics Season. Utah Civic Season is a time to reflect on the past, engage with the present, and come together as we shape the future.

civic season

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Fri, July 19, 2024 at 8:00 pm


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