Your donation to the Capital Campaign and Utah Film Center programs sets the foundation for our future. Let’s build this dream together!

Donations received between November 15, 2023 and January 31, 2024, will receive special recognition in our building as a Friends & Family Supporter of Utah Film Center.

Dear Utah Film Center Friends & Family,

With your help, Utah Film Center directly served nearly 30,000 Utahns in 2023, including students, teachers, artists, fellow nonprofits, and devoted film enthusiasts! As we reflect on this extraordinary year, we extend a personal invitation for you to explore this year’s Impact Report on our website at utahfilmcenter.org/impact.

Looking ahead to the future, we’re delighted to share our most ambitious project yet — a capital campaign to secure a permanent home for Utah Film Center!

This new home will elevate community access to the fine arts, foster opportunities for growth, and enrich the lives of Utahns. Our state-of-the-art facility promises to redefine Utah’s cinematic landscape, and we want you to be a part of it! Take a look at the graphic at right for a preview of our visionary approach to a new building.

Amid these transformative changes, Utah Film Center remains committed to delivering the cherished, film-focused programs that inspire and connect communities. Stay tuned as we progress in securing a permanent home for these programs to flourish.

You play a pivotal role in turning this vision into a reality and laying the foundation for the cinematic hub we envision for Utah. Please join us on this exciting journey by making a donation to our capital campaign today.

Thank you for all you do to help advance our mission of connecting people, stories, and ideas. We wish you a bright and cinematic future.

Mariah Mellus
Executive Director

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Geralyn Dreyfous
Founder & Board Chair

Utah Film Center's Capital Campaign

Utah Film Center is currently on the 11th floor of an office building, which is difficult to access and is limited in space. Recently, we’ve had to offer our Artist Foundry workshops and all in-person events and screenings in locations around the community. 

While we are excited to be relaunching important programming for Utah-based filmmakers, we are constrained by limited space and unable to control the visitor experience. We are in need of a new home that can grow with us and house the programs that Utahns have come to love.

With a new building, the Utah Film Center plans to eliminate barriers to our programs and become a part of a vibrant local neighborhood, representing the intersection of art, culture, resources, discussions, and belonging.


The Utah Film Center aims to create a community space that serves all those passionate about cinematic storytelling in Utah, including filmmakers, educators, film enthusiasts, and the general public.

 A new facility will provide resources for Utah-based filmmakers, host intimate film screenings and discussions, offer support to educators looking to enhance their teaching methods, and become a cultural beacon for all to enjoy. 

The Film Center’s building will be a hub for Utah’s independent film scene, fostering collaboration between filmmakers, educators, artists, and Utah residents. It will be a valuable community resource that embodies our mission, connecting people, stories, and ideas. 

The programs held here will nurture an enterprising Utah-based filmmaking community that retains filmmaking talent in Utah and is a draw across the Mountain West. Educators will benefit from their proximity to filmmaking professionals, mentorship opportunities, and technical support, while film enthusiasts will have access to emerging and established filmmakers and events. The public will enjoy ample opportunities to view thought-provoking cinema on a frequent basis, and to participate in discussions that will change the face of Utah’s artistic landscape. 


With a dedicated building, Utah Film Center plans to offer a 100+ seat black box theater. This theater will be available for both the Film Center and the general public, providing uniquely crafted cinematic experiences on a consistent basis. It will host screenings with filmmaker discussions, panels, and audience Q&As, providing community members unparalleled access to storytellers. 

A new building will enable UTFC to offer on-site K-12 media arts education programs. It will feature:

  • workshop spaces for educators and students
  • opportunities to schedule year-round field trips
  • educational film events
  • STEM activities with in-house technology
  • proximity to working artists and mentors

This new facility will establish the Film Center as a vibrant hub for professional and media arts education. 

The new building, equipped with administrative and creative spaces for audiences, educators, and filmmakers, will provide multiple access points for UTFC and the community, enhancing the visibility of our services and brand. 

It will include:

  • a coworking space for staff and artists
  • a black box theater
  • rentable editing suites
  • workshop space 
  • on-site technology

The UTFC is committed to building a strong Utah-based filmmaking community. The new building will house our Artist Foundry, providing a film-focused coworking space for independent filmmakers to learn with one another and build a strong Utah filmmaking ecosystem. 

The Artist Foundry space will include:

  • software access
  • editing suites
  • networking opportunities 
  • director dialogues
  • professional workshops
  • exhibition space 

 A new home for UTFC would diversify revenue-generating options ensuring the long-term sustainability of our programs.

These will include: 

  • black box rental
  • curation and exhibition for hire
  • editing suite rentals 
  • increased Artist Foundry memberships
  • a gift shop
  • concessions

We aim to be in conversation with our community, finding new ways to offer meaningful programs. A new space would provide new avenues for growth.

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