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Join Us This Summer for an Unforgettable Community Experience

Sponsor the Summer Outdoor Film Series

This summer, from July 12th to August 9th, join us for five memorable evenings during Utah Film Center’s Summer Outdoor Film Series at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City. We invite local businesses to play a pivotal role in this cultural series by becoming financial partners for our cinema under the stars.

  • 75 percent of the tickets reserved by the audience in 2023 were from Salt Lake County consumers
  • Over 1500 people attended the Summer Outdoor Film Series in 2023

Embrace the Spotlight as a Business Sponsor

Authentic, local, fun, neighborly, magnetic – these free outdoor film screenings attract local audiences as well as folks who travel from a significant geographic radius for the film screening experience. It’s a friendly evening of culture enjoyed through cinematic stories – and you and your business can be an integral part of it!

We offer two distinct avenues for local businesses to support these free film events, join Salt Lake City’s cultural landscape, and present your business on the big screen.


Showcase your support for the arts and elevate your brand across our entire summer series by sponsoring all five film screenings.
$ 1000+
  • Onsite brand recognition and tabling
  • Digital ad featured in the pre-show reel
  • Recognition in the opening remarks
  • Social media shout-outs throughout the series
  • Website recognition


Shine during a single evening by sponsoring one of our curated film screenings. This opportunity places your brand in the spotlight for one unforgettable night.
$ 250
  • Digital ad featured in the pre-show reel
  • Recognition in the opening remarks
  • Social media shout-outs the week of the event
  • Website recognition

Sponsorship Benefits

Pre-Show Reel: The Pre-Show Reel is displayed for at least 20 minutes on-screen before the show starts. Your business graphic will repeat at least six times as a 10-second slide. 

This requires a 1920×1080 resolution graphic or logo from sponsors. Series sponsors graphic runs before every film.

Tabling Opportunities (Series Sponsors Only): Series sponsors have the opportunity to provide a branded engagement prior to films. Become a cornerstone of a cherished community tradition by joining our Summer Film Series, an event that draws a vibrant and diverse crowd from across Salt Lake County.  This face-to-face interaction allows you to connect and cultivate lasting relationships with attendees, enriching your local network and deepening your community ties. 

Sponsors can pick one event or all five and must provide their own table, a canopy (if desired), and signage.

Website Recognition: A sponsor’s business will be listed on the film event page (or series, for series sponsors) and the Film Center’s Supporters webpage. Sponsors will join a prestigious group of supporters committed to a thriving cultural community in Salt Lake.

Social Media Promotions/Visibility: Leverage the extensive reach of Utah Film Center’s social media platforms. Your sponsorship will be celebrated and shared on our channel the week of each screening with our engaged audience, amplifying your brand’s presence and partnership.

Pre-event Remarks: In our pre-event remarks for the summer film series, we highlight the invaluable support of local businesses, emphasizing their crucial role in community enrichment and cultural accessibility. This acknowledgment serves as a powerful form of recognition, placing these businesses in the spotlight before an engaged community audience.

*Deadlines for graphics or tabling confirmations are required a week prior for graphics and two weeks prior for tabling, to the sponsored film event.

Take the Lead: Become a Cultural Beacon in Salt Lake City

Ready to sponsor? Have questions? Want to talk to staff at Utah Film Center? Contact our corporate underwriting coordinator, Isaac Fairley at ifairley@utahfilmcenter.org.

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